When you have a child with SEND, the move to secondary school seems to have so many unknown’s and confusing processes. Friends have different opinions, Facebook tells you something else and your primary school has just said something completely different!! That’s where we come in!

Our workshops are where you will find the correct answers to all your questions! Not only will you be joined by other parents all in the same boat, but we will talk you through all the processes, what happens when, and how decisions are made. Our workshops are up to date with Bolton processes and underpinned by SEND law.

The sessions are ideal for Year 6 parents and carers, but if your child is in Year 5 and you are planning ahead, you will also find the content useful.

We split the sessions as to whether your child has an EHC Plan or not – this is because the process is different. If your child is in the process of an EHC Needs Assessment – why not attend both and make sure you know everything! if you are considering a special school for your child, they must have an EHC Plan, so the EHC Workshop covers special school process.

When you attend our Transition Workshop we’ll give your our handy resource pack which includes questions to ask schools when you visit.

For our Transition Workshops we offer an additional session on Zoom too – this session is combined SEN Support and EHC Plan.

We only run these session in the Autumn term, so the dates that we have advertised are the only dates we will run these sessions until Autumn 2024. We run the sessions at this time of year as it coincides with Open Evenings, Online Applications and Y6 Annual Reviews.

Dates and booking can be found by clicking here