If you have ever been on one of our workshops over the last couple of years, you will more than likely have heard us talk about the Senco Handbook. This handbook was written by Sue Cornwell back in 2014 when the SEND Reforms were introduced. Sue Cornwell is Bolton’s principal Education Psychologist and has been Interim Head of SEND since then. To support SENCO’s in 2014, Sue wrote the handbook to help them understand all the changes and provide a guide to enable a consistent approach to SEND across our area. It’s been a valuable resource for SENCO’s ever since.

We are pleased to let you know that this handbook has been updated and will now be known as the SEND Handbook. This is to recognise the fact that SEND isn’t just the responsibility of the SENCO – it’s the whole school. it’s support workers, it’s the NHS, social care, it’s everyone.

We have been part of evaluating the contents of the handbook as it has been re-developed. In particular we have played a large part in the section on SEN Support, developing a framework that schools are expected to follow to ensure children receive the best SEN Support possible. We feel that this new resource is going to be fantastic for professionals and parents alike. The concept and overview of the contents was presented to processionals on January 12th and as soon as it is ready for publication it will also be online on our local offer to be read by parents as well as professionals. The content is designed for professionals to support their roles – however, we will incorporate the content into all our workshops to support parent journeys. We really hope it won’t be much longer before we can resume our workshops.