Online Workshop for Reception Starters 2020

For parents who have a child starting in reception class this September, and who has, or may have special educational needs, we are running an online workshop to help answer as many questions as we can! Although the content will be useful for those parents whose child has a completed EHC Plan, this session will be focusing on how children are supported in mainstream schools when they don’t have a Plan, but do have special educational needs. This includes those who may not be currently getting additional support at nursery, but parents may feel they will need additional support once they are in school.

The content of this session will help parents understand the following:

  • What support is available in school for children who may have special educational needs
  • Jargon Buster – we’ll demystify the anacronyns and terminology
  • What may happen with transition given COVID-19?
  • My EHC plan isn’t finished so what will happen with that?


We have 2 dates The workshop will be run as a webinar – you’ll need to join us on a computer, or tablet. You can use a smartphone, but we will be sharing a presentation, so a larger screen may be more useful. We won’t be able to see you, or hear you – but you’ll be able to see and hear us! You can ask questions as we go along by sending texts through the webinar.

Once you have booked on we will send more detailed, simple, instructions about how you join the session on the day.

At the start of the webinar we explain how to use the question function so you can participate in the session by sending questions as we go along.


To book your place, complete the form below….
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