When it comes to funding for SEND, it is widely covered online and in the media that funding is pretty dire, and here at BPC, we wouldn’t disagree!

In Bolton we are part of a Department for Education initiative called Safety Valve, which is a way in which the government is increasing funding for SEND. Over the next few years, we should see improvements locally. The improvements that the funding is aimed at are about long term investments.

If you would like to read more about safety valve you can click here 

Some of the things that you will already be able to see locally are the expansions to the Primary School Resourced Provisions that will be in effect from September 2023. These additional places in RP’s are very welcome to the offer locally. The Supported Internship programme is working hard to have the first learners in place in early 2024. And the Inclusion Handbook is currently being rolled out across all settings locally.