We realise that most Privacy Policies are full of jargon and legal speak. We thought that we’d break ours down into some of the things that we think you most care about, and we have made it easy to read. For our full policy click here

A         What kind of data does Bolton Parent Carers hold?

1          We have a membership database of parents and carers who have signed up to become a member of the BPC, this personal data includes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Some basic data about the child or young person they are parent or carer to:
  • Age
  • Confirmation that they are classed as having SEND
  • The level of support the child/young person receives at school
  • The type of school the child or young person attends.

2          We also hold name and email contact details for individuals who have signed up to specific mailing lists.

3          We hold contact information for individuals who book onto our activities

4          We will never ask for any data that is not relevant to our aims, objectives and purposes.


B          What do we use this personal information for?

1          To contact parents and carers who have signed up for membership regarding activities, updates, events and newsletters.

We explicitly request consent at the time of submitting this data as to whether the individual wishes for us to use the contact methods to contact them in future.

2          The answers to the membership questions support us in ensuring that the reach of our organisation is as broad as we can make it.

3          We are funded by providers who require us to ensure that the recipients of our activities and services reach a specific demographic – i.e. parents and carer of                    children and young people, aged 0-25, with SEND, from Bolton.

4          We submit monitoring information to grant providers about our activities, growth and reach. To be able to do this we ask for some basic information listed in A1.

5          In cases like A2 and A3, we use the information collected to contact the individuals only for the purpose that they submitted the information.

6          We will never use any of the personal data that we have on our members for anything other that the purposes listed above.


C         How do we store data?

We use data management software that ensures our data is stored in an encrypted method and is only accessible to those individuals who we supply a username and password to, who have received training on the GDPR and understand and agree to comply with our privacy policy.

We only access this database when we really need to, in line with the purposes mentioned in parts A and B.

We hold back up copies of membership forms. These are stored in a locked box.

Contacts that have been made via email are stored within our email server. Access to these emails is restricted to only specific individuals who have received training on the GDPR and understand and agree to comply with our privacy policy.


D         How can you see what data we hold on you?

GDPR allows individuals to request this from any organisation they think may hold their personal data.

If you wish to request a copy of the data we hold on you, please contact:

Nan Cooper

Bolton Parent Carers

PO Box 2266




First of all, we will take steps to confirm your identity before issuing the data copy. We will then confirm as to whether or not we hold any of your personal data. If we do, we will provide a copy of this information.


E          Keeping data accurate and up to date

 As the data we hold on individuals is minimal we will offer all members a reminder on an annual basis that they can update their data and display the methods for doing this.

 For contact details that change, for instance address or email address, we would leave this as the responsibility of the individual to contact us via the methods in Section D.


F          Do we share your data?

No. The data we have on our members is generated into statistics that can demonstrate our reach and growth. None of this includes personal data.

Example: we have a membership of 100 parents and carers who are residents of the Bolton area. Included in this 100, there are 30 parents who have a child with an EHC Plan and 30 parents who have a child on SEN Support, 30 parents who have a child under school age and 10 parents who have a young person who has now left education.