Transition to Secondary School Workshop

with special educational needs

​Transition to Secondary School Workshop

These workshops are for parents and carers who have children due to move to secondary school in September 2025/6

Moving to Secondary School is a huge transition point for all children, and when your child has special educational needs we know that it makes the move feel even more nerve wracking for parents. Our workshops aim to support you by going through the process, making sure you know what to do and when, and offering lots of tips and advice for the journey.

Our transition workshops are fully up to date with process in Bolton and everything is underpinned by what SEND law also says should happen.

We offer separate workshops for those with EHC Plans and those who are under SEN Support (no EHC Plan.)

The sessions are ideal for parents and carers of children who will be in Year 5 and 6 this September. 

Transition to Secondary School – with an EHC Plan

What do we cover?

This session is suitable if you are moving between special schools, from mainstream to mainstream or are considering mainstream to special school.

When your child has an EHC Plan, the move to secondary school includes utilising the Annual Review process and is handled by the LA SEND team.

We cover when the Annual Review should be held and what should be covered.

We talk about looking at schools and the kinds of things to think about and questions to ask. We also cover what support looks like in Secondary School and what you can expect.

We cover the process that takes place following the Annual Review, this includes what happens with special school placements.

We also cover the appeal process should you not be happy with the outcome. 

Transition to Secondary School – SEN Support

What do we cover?

This session is suitable if your child does not have an EHC Plan, but has any kind of Special Educational Needs that means they will need additional support at Secondary School (SEN Support)

It’s ideal if your child has a condition such as autism, ADHD, has learning needs, speech and language needs etc.

When your child is under SEN Support the transition process follow the standard mainstream process.

In the workshop we talk about looking at schools, when to visit and what to ask.

We discuss how support is provided for pupils with SEN in Secondary School.

We cover the best ways to ensure that your child’s information is handed over to their new school.

We also cover the appeal process should you not be happy with your child’s mainstream allocation.

Dates for 2024

Transition to Secondary School with an EHC Plan:

Tuesday 17th September

6:15pm – 8:30pm

Tuesday 24th September

10:00am – 12:30pm

Transition to Secondary School – SEN Support

Friday 13th September

10:00am – 12:30pm

Thursday 3rd October

6:15pm – 8:30pm

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