As an organisation that was founded in 2014, we have evolved and we are currently working on expanding the opportunities we offer for parents and carers in Bolton. So in 2018 we felt it was fitting that with new projects on the horizon we also gave ourselves a little make-over!

When we were founded in 2014, it was by a handful of local groups coming together, which is why we had the name consortium. Although we still have several members of our Steering Group who are connected to local organisations, they sit with us primarily as parent carers. The fact that they are linked to a local organisation just happens to benefit both us, and their organisation. For this reason we decided to drop the word consortium. We feel that the name Bolton Parent Carers better sums up who were are here for.

We can tweak our new logo to fit whatever purpose it needs to fit – so look out for slightly different versions.

We hope that you like our refreshed image!