Belonging in Bolton – Safety Valve

Transforming and Investing in SEND

We are really pleased to be able to share news about upcoming improvements for SEND in Bolton.

As a parent carer forum, we have worked alongside colleagues from education health and social care since 2014. We are in a position where we are very much welcomed, and valued, in strategic groups and meetings where we are able to ensure that parent carer experiences are listened to, and heard loud and clear.  

Through our ongoing work we are reassured that leaders, professionals and practitioners hear these experiences and when we work together to set priorities locally, we are all in agreement.

Current Work 

So, we are delighted to welcome news of upcoming investment in our local area. This is part of a Department for Education Intervention called ‘Safety Valve.’ The infographic below has been coproduced to share with you what will be happening as part of this project.

As the chair of the forum, who has worked with our send leaders since 2014, I have been very pleased to see that all the priorities that the safety valve project encompass, are the priorities that I know need to be improved for our families locally.

To read more about Safety Valve and why Bolton is being included in this intervention, scroll down the page.

Belongong in Bolton

Safety Valve

“Safety Valve” is an intervention from the government, in which the local authority work with the Department for Education to look at what investment needs to be made in SEND provision locally. This is an intervention that is discussed when an area has a sigificant, ongoing overspend in their high needs funding.

As part of safety valve, the local area has to present to the government what they need to do to improve the area, so that it becomes more cost effective in the long run, and most importantly meets the SEND needs of families locally. If this is agreed, the government will fund the investment.

This is what is happening in Bolton as present. A plan has been developed and presented to the government, that will see improvements in our area over the next few years. 

Nan Cooper, PCF Chair – November 2022