Parent Carer Membership

We invite parents and carers to join us as a members so that we can demonstrate to our local area that we consistently continue to grow in numbers and that we represent a wide range of family experience.

We don’t use our membership list to bombard you with emails, we’ll get in touch a few times a year when we have interesting news for you. Sometimes we’ll even send you nice things in the post!

We use the information you share with us when you sign up to monitor our reach. Parent Carer Forums need to be representative of families from a wide age range, and with all types of SEN and disability.

We promise you that we won’t bombard you with unnecessary information. We will protect your data and only use it when absolutely necessary.


When you join us, we’ll send you a joining gift, including a canvas shopper, trolley token and a magnetic wipe-able memo board!

Already a member? Complete our sign-up form again, it’s got new questions on it, so we can update your current membership –  and we’ll send you the same welcome gift.

Increasing our membership numbers supports us to grow and also to obtain funding it helps if we can show our numbers.

“Each one of us can make a difference, together we can make a change….”

To join up, click the link below and complete our online form. We’ll send you your welcome pack as soon as we can!