December Focus Groups

What is a focus group?

We organise focus groups to bring together parents and carers with professionals to support the development, reviewing and designing of local services. 

Sensory Integration Pilot

We are thrilled that Bolton NHS are on the verge of rolling out a pilot for children’s Sensory Integration Therapy. The pilot will provide a number of different ways for families to access support around Sensory Integration.

The focus group that we are holding will be an opportunity to learn about Sensory Integration Therapy and join a discussion about the different ways in which families will be supported. These may include things like workshops or online learning as well as consultations and assessments.

To understand what will work for families, the team that will be rolling out the pilot need to talk to local families and will be joining us for the focus group session.

The focus group for the Sensory Integration Pilot will be on

Friday 3rd December – 10.00am – 11.30am at Bolton CVS Hub

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Lets make Bolton Better

Autism and ADHD Diagnostic Pathways and Post-Diagnostic Support

We know that many families find the local pathways for children’s Autism and ADHD diagnoses quite difficult to understand and navigate. We are working with our NHS Designated Clinical Officer for SEND, Jenny Wilkinson, to see what can be developed to make this journey easier for parents. We can’t change anything about the actual diagnostic pathways at present, but we want to know what would make the journey better.

Additionally, we know that after Autism diagnosis families find the post-diagnostic support disappointing, and we are also working with Jenny to develop an improved offer for families.

We need to ensure that families who have experience of this journey are involved in this discussion, so for our focus group we are inviting parents and carers who have been through the Autism or ADHD diagnostic pathway since 2015 to join us for a focus group session. We are also inviting those who are currently on the pathway or currently talking about starting the pathway to join us, so that we can get lots of different ideas.

If you can’t join the session, or your experience was a while ago, we will have a questionnaire you can complete.

This focus group will be on:

Wednesday 8th December – 10.00am – 12.30am at Bolton CVS Hub

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