Your Feedback

As a parent carer forum it is our role to ensure that local leaders across education. health and social care are aware of the experiences of local SEND families.

We need you to tell us about you experiences, we use these stories to build up a picture of the SEND journey in Bolton, and in turn, hopefully improve services, processes and experiences.

Currently we are living through unprecedented times, to say the least. We have continued through the covid pandemic to represent SEND families at a strategic level. We are now in a position to continue that work and will have opportunities to feed back to the Department for Education, possibly Ofsted and as always our local leaders. 

We need to know where things are difficult, where things seem impossible and where there are examples of good practice too. Your responses are anonymous and are used to paint a picture of the Bolton SEND experience as a whole.

You can tell us in a couple of sentences about something very specific, or you can tell us a more detailed story – all contributions are valuable.



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