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This workshop is ideal for a wide range of situations. For parent or carers currently undergoing the EHC Needs Assessment or awaiting a draft plan, this workshop will give you the skills to be able to read and check over a draft plan. If you have a relatively new plan and are unsure of what it means for your child, you will learn what all the sections mean and what should be visible on a day to day basis. If may be that you have had a plan for quite a while, but want to understand it better.

To enable you to understand the plan fully, we walk you through how the plan was put together, who submitted all the information and how it as finalised and how all the sections link together, including which sections will change over time and which sections carry the legal weight. 

We focus on the importance of section F which is where the special educational provision is listed, and discuss how you can check that this provision is in place for your child. Annual reviews are an important aspect of EHC Plans, and we cover what should happen at review time. 

You will receive a handout from the session covering all the key points covered.

Please note – this workshop does not cover how to apply for an EHC Plan.


Mini overview:

How the plan was written

Section F Provision

Annual Reviews


Suitable for:

Those with a final EHC plan

Awaiting draft plan

Reception class to college age

About our workshops in general

Usually our sessions are always run in small, informal groups, this allows for parents to ask questions and receive answers there and then. We encourage conversation and parents who have attended workshops tell us this makes the sessions even more beneficial. For the rest of 2020 we aniticipate we will be holding them as webinars.

Our webinars are a little shorter, around 90 mins, plus time for a Q&A at the end. When we meet in person, the sessions are 2 1/2 hours we always have a short break and drinks and snacks are provided throughout the session.

The content of all our workshops are legally accurate and up to date with Bolton SEND processes as they are written by Cheryl Wyatt from IAS who has current legal SEND training. Through our work as a parent carer forum we work closely with Bolton Council and the NHS to ensure that the information about processes and services is also accurate.

All attendees are given a handout to take home that covers the content of the sessions and legally based information. We will email these to attendees of our webinars.

This workshops and webinars are hosted by Cheryl Wyatt from IAS and Nan Cooper from BPC, both of whom are parents to teenagers with SEND.

Our workshops are held at The Bolton Hub which has car parking nearby, details of which can be found by clicking here

Our webinars are held over Zoom.

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