This EHC Plan workshop focuses on section F of the plan.

What is an EHC Plan?

The majority of children and young people will have their needs met, and make educational progress, with the additional provision that can be provided under the SEN Support framework. A small number of children and young people who are identified as having very high levels of need that school alone cannot be expected to provide, and where the child is making little to no progress, an EHC plan may be issued.

An education, health and care plan is for children and young people, between birth and 25, and is the result of a 20 week statutory assessment of the child/young persons needs, and the special educational provision required to meet them.

All plans are educationally led. The plan itself identifies all the child/ young persons educational, health and social needs. It also details all the support that is required to meet those needs in order for the child or young person to be able to make educational progress towards their outcomes.

Our Workshop

Designed exclusively for BPC by Cheryl Wyatt from the Information & Advisory Service (IAS) Bolton, our workshop has been designed to give parents and carers an in-depth understanding of the part of the EHC plan that covers the SEN provision that must be delivered for your child or young person.

Our sessions are run in relatively small groups, this allows for parents to ask questions and receive answers there and then.

All attendees are given a handout to take home that covers the content of the sessions and legally based information.

This workshop is generally hosted by Cheryl Wyatt from IAS and Nan Cooper from BPC.

What does the workshop cover?

Section F is where the SEN provision for your child or young person is listed. It must detail all the additional provision and how it must be delivered and when, therefore it is a vital part of your child or young person’s plan.

Our workshop explains how section F fits with the other sections of the plan and how it is written up. We give you the skills to read your child/young person’s plan and fully understand the provision that must be happening and how you can discuss this with the educational setting.

We cover annual reviews, which must take place annually and can be used to review the delivery of provision listed in section F.

This workshop is ideal for parents and carers who have a relatively new plan, however it is useful for any parent or carer wanting to increase their understanding of EHC Plans.

The workshop lasts for 2 hours, with built in breaks and refreshments.

It is a relaxed atmosphere and we ensure there is ample time to ask questions. Everyone who attends receives a handout to take home that details the key aspects we have covered. 

Upcoming Sessions for EHC Plan – Section F Workshop


All sessions are held at The Bolton Hub, details of which can be found by clicking here

Wednesday 16th January 2019, 6.15pm – 8.30pm

Wednesday 6th February 2019, 6.15pm – 8.30pm

To book a place on any of the above sessions, please complete the form below.