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Autism in Schools – St Joseph’s Secondary School

Welcome to Autism in Schools

St Joseph’s Secondary School, Horwich, have joined the Autism in Schools Bolton project this year.

The project includes staff training alongside gathering parents and carers views and pupils views, to improve the experiences of pupils with autism.

For parents we will be hosting a session in school on Friday 8th March at 9:30am where you can come along and learn more about the project that will be running until the end of the school year. 

At the session there will be the opportunity to discuss what you would like from the project as parents.

If you are unable to make this session, but would still like to be involved you can let us know on the form below.

To let us know that you are coming to the session on the 8th March, please complete the form below.

Please use this form to book your place on our parent session, or to let us know that you would like to know about future sessions.

We may need to contact you about the session
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When you submit your booking you will receive a confirmation email. If you will no longer be able to come to the session and need to cancel your place(s) please reply to the confirmation email, or text the number in the email. We understand that, especially as parents, things do crop up, we just ask that you please let us know if you won't be coming to the session - Thank you.