Did you know your experiences and what you tell us influences national changes?

We have always met regularly with our North West PCF neighbours, but this has been stepped up during covid. Every week since April, parent carer forums from the North West region have met online with Kath Bromfield, who is our representative on the National Network of Parent Carer Forums. Kath has been gathering all our experiences, good and bad, and making sure that they have been communicated to National Reps who have been available to speak directly to the DfE and NHS England. There have been changes to guidance because of the experiences being shared by PCF’s.

Hearing from other areas has been a very interesting aspect of our work since March, there have been many areas that have reduced the amount of strategic work that PCF’s have been involved in recently; we are really pleased that here in Bolton we have continued to work closely with many of our LA and NHS collegues and your views and experiences have been fed back as normal – if not more than usual!

To see what the National Network messages to the DfE and NHS England have been, click this link NNPCF Summer update