About Us

Bolton Parent Carers is a voluntary organisation based in Bolton, we were founded in 2014.

BPC is run by a team of dedicated volunteer parent carers.

Parent Carer Forum

We are the designated Parent Carer Forum (PCF) for the Bolton area. This means that we receive an annual grant from the Department for Education to ensure parent participation in our area. Parent participation is the phrase used to describe parents and carers of children and young people with SEND being actively involved at a strategic level in their local area. This is across education, health care and social care services and providers.

Where we represent Bolton’s parents and carers

  • Local Authority SEND Steering Group
  • Local Authority Coproduction Task Group
  • Local Authority High Needs Task Group
  • Local Authority SEN Support Task Group
  • Local Authority Local Offer Task Group
  • Bolton Preparing for Adulthood Forum
  • Local Authority EHC Plan QA Group
  • Autism Diagnostic Pathway Planning Group
  • LA Early Years SEND Steering Group
  • NW Regional Parent Carer Forum

How we do things..

Over time we have evolved as an organisation. Traditionally PCF’s focus on being representative of parents and carers at a strategic level. A PCF’s aim being to develop relationships with the local authority, healthcare and other professionals where a level called co-production is reached. This would mean that a PCF is working as an equal with professional departments to potentially co-produce policies and services. The idea being that a PCF brings with them the views and opinions of the local population of parent carers.

Whilst being one of our aims, we however prefer to focus on activities with local parents and carers. We are well respected across the local authority and healthcare in Bolton, meaning that our positions at strategic level meetings are welcomed as far more than tokenism. Therefore, although co-production is a goal, we are aware that it is not necessary for us to reach that level in order for us to have a voice at strategic level.

For this reason, our main focus is you, Bolton’s parents and carers. Because, if we aren’t spending our time focusing on you, then how do we know your experiences, your views and your opinions?

We focus on offering opportunities for parents and carers, from workshops to social activities. Because we don’t need a formal setting or consultation to listen to you. As a PCF we don’t take on individual cases, we hear your stories and your experiences and when there are themes, we make sure professionals hear them.

BPC also apply for funding from other grant providers to be able to offer parents and carers a variety of opportunities.

We hope that by focusing on parent carers, your needs and your experiences we can continue growing our organisation.

Parent Particpation Grant

Our grant for parent participation from the DfE is administered by Contact, read about it here.

Government funding

The government has committed to funding parent participation until 2020, read about it here.

Being heard Nationally

We are part of the NNPCF, this enables your views to be heard by government.